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Ships of the Desert
16" x 20"
Years ago, on my travels around the world, I landed on an old bus, travelling through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Those countries, especially Afghanistan, were unlike anything I had ever seen--barren, brown hued countryside dotted with occasional villages built into the hillsides, yet more exotic to me than anything I could have imagined.
At the end of each day, we'd set up the 'bunks' (plywood planks resting on the seats of the bus), roll out our sleeping bags, crawl into our tiny, cramped quarters,and go to sleep. One morning, I awoke at dawn and peeked out the windows to behold a vast desert and in the distance, a small encampment of black tents. Nomads, I thought, excitedly. Even more exciting, between our bus and the nomads, stood a lone camel. I took off at a fast trot towards my first camel, but an hour later I seemed no closer to the beast. Was it a mirage? The light was soft and sort of out of focus, so it's possible. But when I turned back to look at the bus, it was also just a tiny speck in the distance. Naive, but not completely foolish, I reluctantly returned to the safety of the bus. Never did get to that camel, but the memory of that morning is still vivid and that's how 'Ships of the Desert' was born.
This is an acrylic painting on canvas.

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