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Deep Breaths-SOLD
18" x 24"

"Deep Breaths' began life as a chaste and pretty little poppy with many glazes of yellow and pale reds, nestled in an overgrown garden. I tried an experiment with the gallery-wrapped canvas I was working on and taped off a 2" border all around the painting surface, so that when I finished the painting, I would simply peel off the tape and have a pristine white border. That worked out well, at the end, but before I got there, this little poppy just sat on the canvas, with no personality. I didn't feel at all inspired and so there it sat in my studio, for about a year, not 'speaking; to me.
Fast forward a year: I was flinging paint around on another canvas, doing an abstract, and took a short break. For some reason I pulled out my poppy and looked at it closely. Well, it clearly needed to be seriously abstracted. So I grabbed my palette knife and attacked the canvas with oranges, blues, purple and more yellow. It literally came alive in my hands and within 30 minutes I fell in love with it. When I had the big 'reveal', peeling off the tape from the edges, it was done and I was happy..

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