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Cats On A Fence
10 1/2 " x 13 1/2"
This picture has great meaning to me. My mother, Audrey Alington, was an oil painter and she once painted me a whimsical and very similar picture to this one--a winter scene with a cozy- looking cottage in the distance, cats on the fence gazing wistfully at the cottage. Watching the cats--a small handfull of birds on the ground and watching the birds are some wee mice, huddled in the snow. Years later,my oldest sister, Diane, was very ill and asked me to paint her a picture like the one our mother had done for me. This was the result. We originally named it 'Audrey's Cats On A Fence,' but I later simplified it to 'Cats On A Fence.' This is for Diane.
This is a watercolour painting, done on 300# watercolour paper.

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