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Can The Girls Come Out to Play?
36" x 24"
This cheery painting started life as a bright orange/red and yellow cruciform abstract which was sitting comfortably on my studio wall for a year or two. But it just sat there, quietly, not 'speaking' to e at all. Most of my pieces inspire me or calm me especially when I am struggling with apiece that is not coming together. But this painting, didn't. Plus, it remained nameless, which is most odd for me. Most of my painting's names come to me by about half way through the painting process and that is the name that they keep, forever, even if they don't seem to make much sense at the time.
So, feeling inspired by the spring day, I took the canvas down from the wall, set it up on my easel and began to cover the entire surface in spring colours. Then these crazy little flowers begged to get painted in the forefront and so I brought them to life.

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